The Case Against Reincarnation*** NEW RELEASE MAY 2009 ***

A Rational Approach

James Webster

The new book from James Webster presents his case
against reincarnation with fine backup evidence from a wide
input - past and present - to provide the reader with a wealth
of information to guide them out of the reincarnation jungle and
into the light of more positive and acceptable understanding.

Also available:

From an early age, James Webster has been fascinated by the mysteries of life and has spent nearly 50 years in research, enquiry and discovery ----- much from personal experience. Having read and studied the sciences, philosophy, psychology, parapsychology and many paranormal subjects, the jackpot question has always remained in his mind; What happens to us when we die? And what reliable evidence do we have to answer this profound question involving every person on Earth?

Survival of the individual consciousness and personality after physical death of the body is at the centre of this question, and is the principle factor in the authorís main interest with spiritual science.

James Webster has written and published many articles and papers and now presents this book which he hopes will have a general appeal as being an interesting read, as well as a reference work --- but more importantly to offer enlightenment to many.

Both books are available from the Woodside Publications web site - click here to visit it

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