By James Webster


Materialistic Science Conditioned Thinking Atheism

Free Unconditioned Scientific Research Quantam Physics Rationalism


Organised Religion Religious Dogma Fundamentalism Superstition

Spiritual Philosophy Free Thinkers Sensitives Visionaries

Spiritual Science


The far left of science and the far right of religion are in total opposition and remain, not only apart, but in a state of oblivion and totally blinkered from reality. The more centred left and right combine to become SPIRITUAL SCIENCE.

Bridging the two aspects and working together will bring about results turning materialistic science and organised dogmatic religion on their heads!

Spiritual Science as the bridge in preference to Psychic Science, as the former represents the combined love and compassion of the subjective with the objectiveness of science.

There are promising signs that religion and science are coming closer together. A liberalism is presenting itself from within the religious sector, and with the latest technology, science and physics are making major breakthroughs and gaining respect with repeatable experiments to present the evidence required to prove Survival of the individual personality.

Scientific evidence has existed for over a century that we all survive physical death irrespective of our religious beliefs.

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